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About Us

Founder: Harrison Armstrong


The mission of the XAI Foundation (XAIF) is to provide comprehensive resources and foundational knowledge of XAI principles and techniques. The concept of XAI, when considered alongside other model performance indicators, such as accuracy, can aid in gaining trust by end users. Additionally, by expanding the knowledge and practice of XAI development, models can be improved and the overall AI development practice can be strengthened.


The vision of XAIF is a world of well understood and trusted AI services and products.

Harrison Armstrong is a long-time operations AI/ML developer and strategist in the Aerospace and Defense industry. He has utilized the practice of XAI in a multitude of operational AI solutions including risk analysis, supply chain management, and financial decision-making. He is a contributing author to IEEE’s XAI standards and is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and MIT.

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