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  • Harrison A.

Opinion: The Collision of Business and AI Ethics

As well reported on in the last month, OpenAI faced a chaotic power struggle where CEO Sam Altman was removed as CEO then reinstated after a reported strong-arming effort by top investor Microsoft. The original reasoning behind the removal was due to OpenAI's mysterious new project titled Q* (Q-star) that some have rumored to be Artificial General Intelligence. The board of directors of OpenAI were reportedly concerned with the project and the communication of it between Altman and the board, and potentially his approach to AI ethics.

A month since the power struggle, a lot of questions remain. However, the primary take away from this all is consumerism and the financial benefits of AI technology can sway major decisions drastically. Microsoft, at the forefront of AI usage and product incorporation, sees AI as a money-maker first and foremost (this can be seen in their recent dissolvement of their internal AI ethics team). In this initial confrontation between AI ethics concerns and financial gain, profits won.

It is now more important than ever to maintain AI ethics before it is considered a mere inconvenience on the path to higher revenue. XAI helps tether AI models to ethics by making them mechanically transparent and explainable. This is a key tenet to AI ethics.

XAI encourages the increased use of parallel XAI methods to maintain transparency-based ethics.

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