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  • Harrison A.

White House AI Bill of Rights

Recently, the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OTSP) released a blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. In it are 5 core principles to assist in AI/ML development in protecting the American people as the US progresses toward more automation.

The five principles are:

  1. Safe and Effective Systems

  2. Algorithmic Discrimination Protections

  3. Data Privacy

  4. Notice and Explanation

  5. Human Alternatives, Consideration and Fallback

XAI can be found in all 5 principles, especially in principle 4, Notice and Explanation. An excerpt of the idea behind the principle is:

"You should know that an automated system is being used and understand how and why it contributes to outcomes that impact you. Designers, developers, and deployers of automated systems should provide generally accessible plain language documentation including clear descriptions of the overall system functioning and the role automation plays, notice that such systems are in use, the individual or organization responsible for the system, and explanations of outcomes that are clear, timely, and accessible. Such notice should be kept up-to-date and people impacted by the system should be notified of significant use case or key functionality changes. You should know how and why an outcome impacting you was determined by an automated system, including when the automated system is not the sole input determining the outcome. Automated systems should provide explanations that are technically valid, meaningful and useful to you and to any operators or others who need to understand the system, and calibrated to the level of risk based on the context. Reporting that includes summary information about these automated systems in plain language and assessments of the clarity and quality of the notice and explanations should be made public whenever possible."

This AI Bill of Rights is another indication of legislative bodies beginning to put important ethical and traceability rules around AI development.

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